Call Ended Android

Recently I was away from my home telecom circle and had enabled roaming on my Android Sony XPERIA mobile on Airtel connection. I was working from home and making/receiving calls was absolutely critical for my work. To my utter surprise and disappointment, I faced intermittent issues

  • Calls getting disconnected after random period of time
  • Not able to connect call at first attempt. Everytime it was “call ended” message on the phone
  • Callers were not able to reach me either

Telecom operator never agreed to accept it as a network problem and suggested to change my phone. I didn’t want to change my phone or switch to a different operator at that time. After trying out with different phones , sim cards and googling I found the solution was very simple. To utilize 3G connection, Preferred network mode has to be set to GSM/WCDMA preferred. The solution was to change it to GSM only. With GSMonly phone was always on 2G which turned out to be stable connection at that location

call ended

I wonder it would have been nice if there were a ‘turn debug logging on’ feature on the phone 🙂

Neverthless, changing the setting was much easier for me than porting to a different operator or changing the phone.

Just in case you are wondering how to get this screnshot- just press power and volume down buttons together.


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