Operate AC from smartphone

Recently I saw this TVC of Voltas all weather AC, where it shows you can control your AC with a smartphone. It’s a brilliant idea, and not surprisingly the prerequisite for the app is – your smartphone should have IR transmitter.

So if you are buying that AC and want to use it’s app, there are chances your smartphone turns out to be not smart enough in this case and you may have to buy a new one!
Well, not necessarily. If you are ready for some DIY stuff, you may use Raspberry Pi and possibly use any AC + smartphone combination.

At a high level, this is what I’m thinking of-

  • Connect an IR transmitter to RPi. Record the IR codes from AC remote and ‘train’ the LIRC. The most accurate and comprehensive blog I found is from Alex Bain
  • To send commands remotely, either create an app or a host a web page inside RPi’s in-built web server.
  • Connect smartphone to RPi over your home wifi.

Now you are all set to control AC from any device on your home network. Controlling it from outside the home network is also possible.


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