Upgrade Raspberry Pi disk storage

To start with Raspberry Pi, I had installed Raspbmc OS a.k.a. Kodi on a 4GB MMC card that I took from my phone. This little computer is impressive and now I’m a proud owner of this cheap yet powerful media center.

I wanted to upgrade memory to 16GB so I can store more videos. But I wanted to keep the OS as is and didn’t want to redo the installation and configuration , backup and restore data.

So that’s the solution? At a high level, you need to backup the entire memory card(including it’s partition table) onto a file and restore from it.

On Windows, you need to use Win32DiskImager, the same software that you probably used during Raspberry Pi installation

  1. Install the s/w on a Windows system and insert the memory card. You can buy a cheap MMC card to USB adaptor from your local shop, in case your computer doesn’t have a MMC card slot.
  2. Run Win32DiskImager, give a name to the file where you want to backup your MMC card and hit ‘Read’.
  3. Now insert the new MMC card.
  4. Run Win32DiskImager again and this time, restore the backup onto the card by clicking ‘Write’
  5. At this point, your OS has been restored to a new card, but if you boot up Raspberry Pi, it sill still show old disk space.
  6. To make Raspberry Pi ‘aware’ of new disk size, I ran fdisk and resize2fs commands as mentioned in this accurate answer.

And this is all about it!

You have successfully upgraded the storage.

Although watching videos on a media center OS like Kodi using existing TV is much better experience than any other OS, one outstanding feature was about subtitles support. On VLC payer, I manually search for subtitles, jostle with ads on those sites, download and then point VLC to that file. It’s no longer the case with built in media player on Kodi. You just need to click ‘Download subtitles’, it will search for best match automatically.


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