UPS for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Operating Systems are by design meant to be powered off gracefully just like others. If they are hard booted often, OS gets corrupted and the only solution I found is to reinstall the OS. This also means you will have to back up your data first.

The power supply that I use for RPi is 24 hours but it’s not uninterrupted. When electricity from pole goes off, power backup from generator takes a few seconds to start and that’s enough to cause RPi reboot.

I had this problem from day one, but a mobile/tablet power bank is the solution for it.

Since RPi has modest power requirement of 5V and 1A, the output from such a power bank meets power requirement. Now I’ve connected it between the USB mobile charger(that I had been using as power supply) and RPi.

It makes a perfect Uninterrupted Power Supply for my little computer 🙂


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