Android Studio versus Visual Studio features

I got a chance to work beyond Visual Studio while developing an Android mobile app for personal use.

Unlike any web development kit which can be installed on a virtual machine, for Android development you have to use your physical machine. This is because you can’t run a VM inside another VM and for emulating android device, you need to have a Dalvik Virtual Machine.

Having ditched Windows OS a few years back in favour of Ubuntu for personal use, I had to go with install instructions on Ubuntu 14.04. After a few days worth of upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 from my existing 12.04, downloading Android Studio, SDK and Virtual Machines, I was ready for ‘Hello World’ Android app.

Android Studio has all the features you would expect from a¬†contemporary IDE. I’ve been doing professional development on Windows using Visual Studio for the past 11 years, but I must admit, it lacks some of cool features e.g. Find Usages Window. Without Resharper, one can’t categorize the read and write usages of a symbol. With Android Studio it comes along out of the box!

Android Studio

Android Studio


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