Intercept incoming calls in Android

Android provides a rich development environment even for non Java programmers. With not much of efforts you can build your own apps to do anything you want your Android smartphone to do.

The app I developed, RegexCallerID, is related to how contact manager works. The out of box feature has 1:1 mapping between caller name and number. RegexCallerID assigns a single name to a group of incoming numbers and displays the group name when incoming number is from that group. Sounds trivial? Yes, it is not a big deal and when there is StackOverflow you just need to google it through to help yourself whenever you are stuck 🙂

Android Studio suite is the main tool you need to install to compile, package, deploy and debug. It integrates well with Git and GitHub. Exciting yet obvious features are- faking an incoming call/sms on emulator, debug on a real device and screen capturing. See the Android toast down below.


Interesting observation is- with Android Virtual Device, Android Studio and Android Device Manager running, my modest Ubuntu laptop has good % of memory and CPU available.

The source code is up on GitHub here-

Feel free to download and play around. It has one screen to assign a regex to the group name. Rest everything happens in background. It display a little toast when matching calls comes thru, but that’s not the limit of what you can do. You can display a new screen, do some analytics or if you are into IoT, you can signal a wifi connected IoT device e.g. Raspberry Pi to act upon.


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