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The ‘KahanHo’ Android App

I wanted to try what it takes to develop an Android app. One of the simplest use cases is to send your current location to someone who’s interested in knowing where are you.

I believe if you are seriously interested in knowing your near and dear ones’ location, you will call them up and talk. But in case you miss the call, this app will auto reply with SMS sending current location. The reasons it’s better than all other location sharing apps in the market are:

  • No ads, free to use
  • Location not shared to any server, except Google
  • No need to keep GPS/Wifi/Data turned on.
  • Works without GPS. Approximate location sent using Cell Tower.
  • Simple to use, just enter the number and that’s it.

The app is in beta, meaning you can’t find it on Google Play. It’s available for download from here

You need to install the app only on the phone which you want to track.

I’ve kept the source code open. Not a great idea commercially for publishing an app in Google Play, but I don’t have any plan to earn from it either.

Please feel free to contribute and share your feedback.

Its has been a learning filled experience in Android world so far. I must admit the reason we’ve some many Android apps because the development environment is pretty easy to pick up.